What is Dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia is a specific learning difficulty that affects the ability to make sense of numbers and grasp basic number concepts. People with dyscalculia may display some of the following:

  • delay in counting strategies                           Number image
  • difficulties remembering number facts
  • problems with estimating amounts
  • lack of “number sense”
  • problems with telling the time
  • trouble learning the times tables

Dyscalculia is often associated with a weak memory, difficulties with sequencing, a slow speed of processing information and poor understanding mathematical methods. Although people with dyscalculia can often obtain the correct answers to sums they will do so through rote learning rather than understanding the mathematical logic.

It is important to remember that many people can struggle with maths and numbers but this does not automatically mean that they have dyscalculia.

If you are having a full diagnostic assessment for dyslexia I will consider dyscalculia as part of the assessment at no extra cost. However if maths is your only area of difficulty I can assess you for dyscalculia for the same cost as for dyslexia.

Full diagnostic dyscalculia assessment £325

The full diagnostic assessment for dyscalculia covers underlying ability, cognitive skills, exploration of number sense and attainment in maths.  The tests are standardised and so provide evidence of performance relative to a “norm”. The assessment also involves a discussion of early development and school experience.

The diagnostic assessment takes about 2 hours and includes a detailed written report of findings and recommendations. The report is usually available within one week of the assessment and I aim to make it understandable and jargon-free!

If verbal feedback and discussion are required after the report has been read then this can be arranged at no extra charge.

If a dyscalculia assessment is done as part of a diagnostic assessment for dyslexia, there will be an additional charge of £75.

My son was recommended to see Elaine for an assessment. She made him feel totally comfortable and he was able to explain fully how things were for him from his viewpoint and the difficulties he has faced. He found the whole assessment very helpful and informative. He has emerged empowered and we feel very informed about how to get him the right support. Elaine has been so helpful and supportive and we are very pleased with the care and attention she has given us as well as her professional and experienced approach.”
BN (mother) Weston-super-Mare