Eye exercises help with reading difficulties in children with 20/20 vision

If your child squints when reading or complains the words move on the page or keep losing their place and need to use their finger under the words, it could be that their eyes are not working properly even if they have 20/20 vision.

Visual processing skills like tracking, eye teaming and visual perception are developmental skills that all children need in addition to seeing clearly.  If these skills don’t develop normally, children can struggle with demanding visual tasks like reading.  Each year as the print gets smaller, school performance drops, and visual fatigue sets in causing children to easily become frustrated and distracted.  All too often these children appear to have a learning disability or attention problems when the real culprit is poor visual processing skills.  Glasses can’t help, but eye exercises can!

There is a brilliant website called Eye Can Learn (http://eyecanlearn.com/) which has exercises for all these difficulties, all based on the computer.  Try them with your child, make them fun not learning, and with repetition your child should gain better eye movement and control. This can help both with reading and sports which require quick eye movements to follow the ball, for example.

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